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Student Support Community
Darjeeling Government College

In the changing educational landscape, there was a need for a strong student support community, to foster a conducive learning environment and promote holistic development. A student support community on the college campus was a project taken up by our fellows to build a supportive community of the student by students. This came up as a result of the needs assessment survey that was conducted among the students of the college. Student Support Community was established as part of the project by the trailblazer fellows, with a vision to distribute information and to create a community of students and alumni who are connected and committed to helping each other succeed academically and professionally. The student support community of Darjeeling Government College has so far conducted various seminars and webinars on different career prospects in education, development, and more. Students in the community also engage in fun activities like movie screenings and discussions fostering a sense of belonging and creating lasting memories. The community promotes collaboration, inclusivity along with mental well-being. The community has worked with Local organisations like DLR Prerna organizing a seminar to talk on the Importance of Mental Health. The community provides the student with opportunities to improve upon their skills and Interests. The community wants to reach out to more students and is looking to achieve that goal. Student Support Community is an organization led by youth bringing with it the strength and pragmatism of Zoomers.


The Student support community will distribute information and create a community of students committed to help each other succeed academically and professionally.


  • Establish a Well arrayed network system of former students that will benefit the present students, for mapping pathways after graduation.

  • Collaborative culture - encourage students to work together to solve and support each other, in any activity undertaken

  • Create a discoverable database of different universities regarding higher education to benefit the present students. 

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