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Trailblazer Community Project


Saurabh & Biswajeet 

Biswajeet and Saurabh established a learning center  in their village.

The center's goal is to inspire and instill confidence in young individuals through proficiency in communication and speech.

Padeng busty Bijanbari
Collaboration with
Reading Room- Namchi
Learning Environment
Communication Skills
  • Refurbishing

  • Awareness campaign

  • Stationary



Gaurav Gurung

Gaurav Gurung is on a mission to transform Darjeeling's walls into vibrant biodiversity murals. 
He is collaborating with WWF, local artists, students, and residents to create visually stunning artworks across Darjeeling town encouraging locals to conserve local flora and fauna.

Collaboration - WWF Darjeeling
Darjeeling Town
Community Mobilisation
Biodiversity Awareness
  • Painting materials

Gender bender

Shakshi Rai & Puja Baraily

Puja Baraily and Sakshi Rai launched the "Gender Bender" project in Darjeeling. 
They aim to create spaces for open conversations on gender issues. Their initiative aims to dismantle gender stereotypes through discussions, uncovering inspiring stories of women challenging norms

Collaboration - Pomelo Reading Circle
Breaking gender
Reading circles
  • Workshops

  • Events

Zerowaste college

Pritika Bhujel & Rohit Subba

Rohit and Pritika led the "Zero Waste College" initiative at Bijanbari Degree College (BDC) aimed to transform BDC into the region's first zero-waste campus. 
They plan to create a replicable model for sustainable waste management. Proactively setting a new standard, they aim to influence peers and communities beyond the college gates. 

Bijanbari Degree College
Collaboration with
TIEEDI, Darjeeling
Climate Action
Source Segregation
  • Compost pit

  • Waste transportation

Breaking barriers for sports

Hemani Rai

Hemani Rai, a catalyst for sports change, founded "Hoopsters United" an all-women basketball club, to provide quality sports training and mentorship, breaking obstacles hindering girls in Darjeeling from pursuing athletics. 

Awareness programs
Creating equal 
Breaking gender
  • Sports jerseys 

  • Sports equipment 

  • Training 

Fun vigyan

Apeksha Thakuri & Puja Sarki

Puja Sarki and Apeksha Thakuri lead "Fun Vigyan," which aims to remove the fear of science for young people. Through collaborative efforts with schools, they introduce practical science kits, making science engaging and fostering a love for learning among students. 

Relling & Tukvar
Collaboration - Rajiv Gandhi foundation Delhi
Learning Environment
confidence Building
  • Stationary

  • Travel expense

A dive into village water quality

Ambika Chettri

Motivated by the sight of her community consuming visibly contaminated water, Ambika is planning a comprehensive water quality testing project. 
She aims to analyze water quality and unite the community to collectively address the problem.

Improving hygiene 
Water quality testing
Community mobilisation 
  • Test kits

  • Travel expense

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