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Trailblazer Fellowship

Resilient Youth for resilient mountain communities

Trailblazer Fellowship

A unique opportunity for third-year students from colleges in Darjeeling and Kalimpong districts to expand their learning and hone their skills through real-life projects.

The Trailblazer Fellowship commences every August, for a duration of 10 months.


This year, EHF has partnered with the Darjeeling Government College and the Bijanbari Degree College to pilot the Fellowship. 

Who We Are

We understand that our education system is evolving with our increased understanding of how children and young adults learn. 


We want to aid the process by providing a mix of life skills training in collaboration with some of the leading sectoral experts in the nation. 


As a result, we want children and young adults to be provided with the right inputs and training not only to be the best version of themselves but also capable professionals and active citizens.


What We Do

We partner with educational institutions to train young people on 21 century skills and help them implement the same through small social action projects within their own college or community.

Glimpses of Our Work

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