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Aakriti Chhetri

Bijanbari Degree College
B.A (English) 5th Semester

Akriti is part of many clubs in College. She is inquisitive, loves travelling and learning from people and places. She sometimes has to walk 1.5 hours one way to College and her village does not have regular transport. 


She wants to join the aviation industry which was her later mother’s dream. She wants to pursue her Masters in English and become financially independent so she can support her father. 


Her biggest strength is the expectation from her family to do well in life. She wants to encourage young people to be able to take up education and career paths that they are interested in and not be limited because of finances. She feels that young people get into substance abuse and alcoholism when they do not get required guidance from their homes and communities. 


Through the Fellowship, she wants to develop her own confidence towards becoming a better version of herself and be able to help young people like her.

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