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Abhidaan Lama

Darjeeling Govt. College
B.A (History) 3rd Semester

Abhidaan is a deep thinker and an avid reader. 


He is passionate about social change, even though he says “it can take a 100 years”. He would like to contribute. He is especially interested in stories that are “lost’, “unheard” and wants to “excavate the lost voices” to “bring them back to life”. 


He believes that we need to work towards erasing borders that differentiate one human from another, that create a division between “us” and “them”. 


He wants to work on the issue of Climate Change and individual accountability. 


Through the Fellowship, he wants to meet and work with like minded people. 

He is keen to learn more about the world and its intricacies through different perspectives and lenses.

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