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Ambika Chettri

St. Josehp's College
B. Sc. (Microbiology)  5th Semester

Ambika is from the middle Pandam busty and plays an active role within her community through her affiliation with the 'Gramin Vikash Samiti', a local community-based organisation. She dedicates herself to various initiatives aimed at improving the community's health facilities and raising awareness on important issues


In addition to her community involvement, Ambika showcases her creative side as a writer, penning heartfelt poems and articles. Some of her written pieces have even been published in the local newspaper.

Ambika's diligence extends beyond her academic pursuits. She holds tuition classes for young children in her community scheduling timings before and after her college classes. She guides her younger sibling as well with his studies.


Ambika harbours a strong ambition to enhance the education system and create a society that offers comprehensive support and guidance to its young members. She envisions a community where economic challenges do not force students to abandon their studies prematurely. She finds joy in connecting with new people and valuing the knowledge that even brief interactions can bring.

The Trailblazer Fellowship aligns with Ambika's aspirations. She seeks to join forces with individuals who share her vision and want to collectively contribute to the upliftment of the community.

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