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Gaurav Gurung

Darjeeling Government College
B. A. (History)  5th Semester

Gaurav from Happy Valley Tea Estate is an artist who believes strongly in the transformative power of art. To him, art extends beyond mere creativity; it serves as a medium for weaving a tapestry of diverse narratives, as art transcends barriers, allowing for a universal understanding and appreciation of the human experience. 

Within the community, there are evident gaps in information and opportunity. Family constraints and economic barriers are strong factors contributing to the gap according to Gaurav. 

He wants to join institutions like NIFT or NID further to help him refine his artistic skills. As part of the Trailblazer Fellowship, he hopes to create spaces that will bridge the information and opportunity gap among the youths by holding various academic seminars and co-curricular activities fostering meaningful engagement and growth.

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