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Hemani Rai

Salesian College
B. A. (Political Science)  5th Semester

Himani is from Ghoom Khasmal busty. She holds diverse interests, is part of her college NCC, has participated in kickboxing tournaments, and is also a spiker in her volleyball team. 

Himani is vocal when expressing concerns and holds the view that the youth in her community face obstacles related to limited access to technology and insufficient parental guidance. The absence of robust school infrastructure exacerbates matters, contributing to an environment where alcohol and drug misuse become prevalent.

Immersing herself in the Trailblazer Fellowship, Himani aims to collaborate, question, and delve into potential solutions with her fellow participants. She firmly believes in the power of united efforts among like-minded individuals to bring about substantial change. As she stands on the threshold of this exciting journey, her primary objective is elegantly simple: to absorb knowledge and foster personal and collective growth.

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