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Pritika Bhujel

Bijanbari Degree College
B. A. (English)  5th Semester

Pritika is a member of Sri Satya Sai Sewa Organization in her hometown Pulbazar and has been active in areas of education, humanitarian aid and the importance of incorporating spiritual practices in the community. 

Just as many children draw inspiration from movie characters or individuals they encounter, Pritika's aspirations are directed towards becoming an impactful educator. Her motivation stems from a teacher who guided her without making her feel inferior, fostering her dream of positively influencing society through the teaching profession.

In pursuit of her goals, Pritika has embarked on the Trailblazer Fellowship. This endeavour aims to equip her with the necessary skills to address prevalent community issues. She identifies a lack of proper guidance for the youth as a significant concern. Additionally, she eagerly anticipates the fellowship's modules on digital competency and project management. These aspects will empower her to gather and analyze essential data, forming a robust foundation for her future endeavours.

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