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Puja Baraily

Southfield College
B. A. (English)  5th Semester

She is from lower Lamahatta Busty. She embodies strength and progressiveness. Being an introvert and a keen observer, Puja's motivation for enrolling in the Trailblazer Fellowship lies in her desire to enhance and refine her qualities, with the ultimate goal of emerging as a leader within her society. She recognizes that personal development within the company of forward-thinking individuals can contribute to the creation of a more improved community.

Puja's inspiration arises from personal experiences; some of her friends had to drop out of their education due to financial constraints, while others remain unemployed despite completing their studies. Puja is resolute in her belief that these challenges can be addressed. Her vision for education encompasses not only academic learning but also the cultivation of life skills and the teaching of effective parenting techniques. According to her, the education system should be more attuned to the real world and should shatter gender and caste biases.


With aspirations to pursue a career in civil services, Puja aims to leverage these positions to initiate administrative transformations within her community.

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