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Rohit Subba

Bijanbari Degree College
B. A. (General)  5th Semester

Rohit is from Bijanbari. He is optimistic, bold and confident. He is the core founding member of "UMEED" (which translates to "hope"), an organization dedicated to waste management and actively engaged in orchestrating cleanliness campaigns within the community. 

Rohit has participated fervently in an array of activities, including debates, youth parliaments and fundraising initiatives. His influence extends both within his college and throughout the community. Notably, he advocates for physical fitness and has personally ventured into men's physique competitions as a natural bodybuilding athlete. and promotes the importance of fitness among the youths

His aspirations center around furthering the causes he deeply cares about. The Trailblazer Fellowship presents an opportunity for Rohit to refine his skills, enabling him to approach community betterment with an organized framework, and a more profound impact. 


He is preparing for the Combined Defence Services exam to join the armed forces. He has a long-term vision of a society, where the youths are into fitness and away from drugs, the community opens wider opportunities in sports, the problem of waste management and water scarcity is solved in the community.

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