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Shakshi Rai

Southfield College
B. A. (English)  5th Semester

Hailing from Nagari Farms tea estate, Shakshi has been immersed in the social sector since a young age. Her involvement as a child advocate within the Anugyalaya Children Club, coupled with her participation in the National Inclusive Children's Parliament in Delhi, has contributed to her early and substantial experience.

Shakshi possesses a creative inclination, particularly towards literature and music. Her affinity for singing and painting underscores her artistic nature. With a lifelong involvement in social work, she aspires to contribute to the realization of an improved society. Through the Trailblazer Fellowship, her intention is not only to fortify her skills but also to harmonise with like-minded individuals.


Her ambitions lie in fostering women's safety and cultivating a society where gender bias is non-existent. Bolstered by confidence, she envisions a future where this dream is tangibly achieved. 


Shakshi considers herself fortunate to have found herself deeply engaged in a sector that resonates with her passions. Eager to further her education in social work, she views her role as vital within the broader community context. Driven by a conviction that even her individual efforts can contribute to a more positive world, Shakshi is motivated to make her mark.

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