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Saurab khawas

Bijanbari Degree College
B. A. (Political Science)  5th Semester

Saurab is from Padeng busty Bijanbari, He actively participates in his community by leading initiatives to raise awareness and promote cleanliness, all aimed at enhancing the community's well-being.

Saurabh is friendly and expresses himself best with music, he loves singing and is of the view that youth who do not engage meaningfully and don't find a way to express themselves, often tend to move towards alcohol and drugs, hampering their education and the community as a whole.


The issue of early marriages, especially in rural areas, is a significant concern for Saurab. Alongside the challenges posed by drug-related problems, such practices hinder the educational pursuits of young people. Saurab is committed to seeking solutions for these issues.


Participating in the Trailblazer Fellowship holds great importance for Saurab. He envisions refining his existing qualities, acquiring new skills, exploring innovative concepts, and implementing them within his community. His ultimate goal is to contribute towards the betterment of his community through this transformative experience.

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