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Mithin Karki

Bijanbari Degree College
B.A (Political Science) 3rd Semester

Mithin enthusiastically helps out his teachers organizing college functions & programs with the objective of increasing attendance and participation of students at College.

He is usually seen working front and backstage to ensure systems are fully functional, encouraging his peers to participate etc.

He is aware of the fact that living in a remote area with limited financial & educational resources does not allow him to access resources that his cousins or friends outside have. He, therefore, pushes himself to do and know more, reading books and following YouTube channels that enhance his skills and knowledge.

Outside College, he has been socially active through the Samarthya Foundation that activities like football matches and quizzes for younger students.

He wants to pursue higher education and secure resources to do a PhD. 

Through the Fellowship, he wants to be able to develop his own skills and capacity to provide quality education to rural kids as he believes "knowledge is more important than money". 

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